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Information for General Practictioners
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Referring Patients

Common presenting features of patients to a GP practice involve some form of colorectal pathology. Often a diagnosis cannot be reached without access to specialist equipment and radiological investigations.

We offer a rapid access diagnostic and treatment pathway for all colorectal and general surgical conditions. Patient are seen the same week of referral and our aim is to have all investigations, a diagnosis reached and all the necessary treatments performed within 2 weeks or less of initial referral. This allows bespoke treatment pathways for patients but also provides great piece of mind for presenting symptoms that may be distressing.

Make a Referral

Referrals are can be made by telephone, fax or email:

Landline:         020 7034 8754
Fax:                  020 7580 0122

Or you can use our contact form

Better communication

We are keen to improve the way referrals are made by GPs and improve the communication process.

One way we are doing this is by provide GPs information booklets for common procedures that they can hand a patient at the point of making a referral. These are based on the FAQ sections on this web site.

The hope is that it answers a few immediate questions and makes them feel more comfortable about the referral process.

Get in touch with us to have some sent to you.