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Consultation Procedure

The consultation process begins with taking a ‘history’. This is a discussion with the aim of gaining more knowledge about the presenting condition. It is well known that 90% of diagnoses can be made prior to any examination if a thorough history is taken.

Following this the consultation proceeds to an examination. This will mainly focus on the area of the body from where the symptoms and signs originate from. Further tests may be requested after the examination to allow the doctor to focus in on the main cause for the patient’s symptoms. These may involve blood tests, x-ray investigations as well as endoscopy. All of these will help formulate a treatment pathway for the patient allowing the doctor to discuss both non-surgical and surgical options for their treatment.

The initial consultation process may take anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How to arrange a consultation

Mr Antoniou sees patients who have been referred by their GP or by self-referral. You can self-refer to us by getting in touch direct or via our contact form.

Mr Antoniou is available for consultations at the following times:

Monday afternoon:     The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road, London
Tuesday afternoon:    The Clementine Churchill Hospital, Sudbury Hill, Harrow
Thursday morning:    The Harley Street Clinic, 84 Harley Street, London
Friday afternoon:        The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road, London

Other times, when required – please contact us.

Consultation Tips

We recommend that before a consultation you note down the key things that you wish to find out during a consultation.

Bring your questions to the consultation with you so any questions can be answered or any concerns can be addressed.

A few ideas might be:

  • Surgery procedure
  • Recovery times
  • Aftercare procedure
  • Booking process
  • Costs/Payment methods
  • Other Options